Sharp Convection Grill Microwave (R890NW / R890NS)

Four cooking methods:
Microwave For fast and efficient cooking. 
Convection Fan-forced heat circulates around the food to produce a crisp brown exterior to the food.
Mix Cooking Alternates between fan-forced heat and microwave energy to produce traditional results in a much shorter time than a conventional oven. 
Fan-forced Grilling The oven automatically preheats to a hot 250 degrees Celsius. The hot air circulates around the food to cook both sides together.

Multi Cook Menu
Menu includes: Roast Beef, Roast Lamb, Roast Chicken, Roast Pork, Grilled Steak/Chops, Grilled Chicken Pieces

Easy Defrost Menu
Menu includes: Steak/Chops, Minced Meat (Beef), Roast Meat (Beef/Lamb/Pork), Chicken Pieces, Poultry

Child Lock
Setting the 'Child Lock' feature can prevent accidentally starting the microwave with no food/liquid in the cavity, as the life of the oven can be reduced. This feature deactivates the control panel, eliminating this.

More or Less
The cooking times programmed into the automatic menus are tailored to the most popular tastes. To adjust the cooking time to your individual preference use the "more" or "less" feature to either add (more) or reduce (less) cooking time.

Top and Bottom Double Grill Heating System 
1200W top and 650W bottom grills can be used separately or simultaneously. Perfect cooking results with a crispy finish.

Top and Bottom Heating Elements with Convection Fan 
Traditional cooking results are achieved by heating the top and bottom of the microwave directly. A convection fan circulates heat, ensuring an even temperature throughout the oven, for perfect cooking.

Combination Grill and Microwave Cooking
Four powerful combinations of grilling and microwaving create meals with a crispy brown finish.

Instant Action Menu
Menu includes: Dinner Plate, Fresh Vegetables, Jacket Potato, Reheat Pie, Frozen Vegetables, Rice/Pasta

Convenience/Pizza Menu
Menu includes: Frozen Pizza, Fresh Pizza, Fries, Frozen Pasta, Crumbed Fish, Finger Food

Energy Save Mode
In Energy Save Mode, if you do not operate the oven for 3 minutes or more (i.e. closing the door, pressing the STOP/CLEAR pad), the display will be blank and the oven cannot be used. In Energy Save Mode approximately 0.1 watt is used, when display is blank and Clock Set Mode is not set.