Sharp Microwave, Convection and Steam Oven Recipes

Recipe Preparation Time Cooking Time Type of Oven
Creative Christmas Trees 40 minutes (incl. standing time) 15 minutes Microwave Oven
Bean Salad with Honey Prawns 60 minutes 31 minutes SteamWave Oven
11 minutes Microwave Oven
Cheesy Cauliflower in a White Sauce 15 minutes 44 minutes SteamWave Oven
Creative Christmas Trees 1 hour 20 minutes (incl. assemble time) 12 minutes SuperSteam Oven or Convection Oven
Festive Roast Pork 40 minutes 2 hours 10 minutes + 15 minutes standing SuperSteam Oven
Special Christmas Glazed Ham 20 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes SuperSteam Oven or Convection Oven
Stained Glass Stars 30 minutes 13 minutes SuperSteam Oven or Convection Oven
Steamed Crabs with Garlic Soy Sauce 1 hour 20 minutes 20 minutes SteamWave Oven
Sweet-Glazed Roast Pumpkin 15 minutes 40 minutes SuperSteam Oven or Convection Oven
White Chocolate and Macadamia Rocky Road 15 minutes 2 minutes Microwave Oven
Chicken with Asian Greens 30 minutes 17 minutes Steamwave Oven
Upside-down Pineapple Cake 40 minutes 30 minutes Steamwave Oven
Garlic Prawns 30 minutes 15 minutes Steamwave Oven
Marinated Snapper 20 minutes 35 minutes Steamwave Oven
Thai Spicy Minced Chicken 15 minutes 30 minutes Steamwave Oven
Eggs Benedict Breakfast 7-10 minutes 5 minutes Microwave Oven
Hot Cross Buns 1 hour 1 hour SuperSteam Oven
Raspberry Coconut Truffles 3-4 hours 1-2 minutes Microwave Oven

Lemon Herb Roast Turkey

15-20 minutes

2 hours & 15 minutes SuperSteam Oven



Fresh Pumpkin Soup


Massaman Beef Curry

15-20 minutes


20-25 minutes

20 minutes


2 hours

Microwave Oven


Super Steam Oven or
Convection Oven