Work Experience

During each calendar year, Sharp hosts a number of students to complete their work experience as part of their education program.

Sharp is strongly committed to assisting these students with their workplace learning programs and will prepare a structured work schedule that will allow each student the opportunity to gain valuable experience, an insight into our industry and understanding of the Sharp business environment.

Programs are generally for periods of one week and we encourage students to advise their particular area of interest so that the work schedules can be customised to each individual and that they provide the opportunity and exposure to the practical work that the students are most interested in.

How to apply:

If you are required to complete work experience as part of your annual education program and would like to complete your workplace learning program at Sharp you need to:

Consult with your Careers Advisor / Coordinator at your school

Apply in writing to Sharp, please ensure to allow 6-8weeks before scheduled program period- click on this link to apply

You will be advised if a workplace learning vacancy is available and requested to submit your Workplace Learning Documentation from the Department of Education.

Where you are advised a vacancy exists, obtain the necessary documentation from your Careers Advisor / School for submission to Sharp.

Sharp will then prepare your work schedule and be in contact with you via your school careers advisor.