Technical Services Division

Engineering, Incoming Inspection, Safety and Regulatory approvals, Customer Care, Spare Parts, Warranty, Service Network Administration, Technical Support…...what doesn’t this division do?

With each member specialising in their area of expertise, together this team provides Sharp with a competitive edge in superior technical support and customer service. Through comprehensive training of technical staff in our approved service centres, we ensure that this high level of technical expertise is ingrained throughout our network, to allow you to receive superior service and support Australia wide.

Within this group is our Logistics Team -
Working with customs, shipping agents and various transport and logistics providers, importing product from our overseas factories, transporting it to our distribution centres and then out to our nation-wide business partners is no mean feat.

Our dedicated and customer focused logistics team make sure that Sharp customers have the product they want when they want it.

Technical Services Roles Include:

  • Customer Care Management
  • Engineering - Consumer Products
  • Engineering - Solar
  • Logistics / Shipping Clerk
  • National Service Management
  • Secretarial / Administration
  • Spare Parts Coordination

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