Recruitment Process

Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd is committed to applying a fair, consistent and equitable process in all recruitment and selection matters, including transfers and promotions.  Sharp will ensure that all company employees and applicants for employment with the company are considered on the basis of merit and the requirements of the position.

Vacant positions are advertised both internally via our intranet and externally via website and paper advertisements to ensure we attract the most appropriately qualified candidates for each position. 

Applications for vacant positions will be reviewed individually and selected according to the criteria specified in the advertisement and the requirements detailed in the job description.  Unsuccessful applicants will always be advised of the outcome either in writing or by telephone call, we place high priority on communication both internally and externally. 

Applicants that have been short-listed will be invited to attend a structured interview to further assess their suitability for the position. Depending on the position, there may be an opportunity for a second interview.

Background checking is conducted on final shortlisted candidates.  This is undertaken by a reputable external background checking provider. Checks include criminal history, clearance to work in Australia, employment verification and refererence checks from 2 most recent employers. AML / CTF Global Official Lists check is also done on all candidates for a managerial position or any position with in our Sharp Finance department/division. Other checks may be conducted depending on the position being recruited for. 

The final selected applicant will be given a verbal offer of the position, followed by confirmation in writing.

The time frame for placement varies but generally may take between 2-4 weeks.