Training & Development

Sharp Corporate Business Philosophy states:

"It is the Intention of our corporation to grow hand-in-hand with our employees, encouraging and aiding them to reach their full potential and improve their standard of living"

In line with our Corporate Business Philosophy, Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd strongly encourages all employees to develop their skills and improve their prospects for the future.

The following training and development options are available to employees:


At Sharp we are committed to making our new employees feel welcome, comfortable and well informed. Our induction process covers the basics from work location & facilities to our corporate values, organisational structure, policies and procedures, conditions of employment, employee benefits, performance management, training & development and team introductions. Our friendly team will ensure that any questions are answered promptly and that new employees receive the essential information to assist as they settle into their new role.

Education Assistance

The Company may, on application, provide financial assistance to employees who wish to undertake relevant study courses which will improve their performance and assist career development.

Study Leave

Employees undertaking approved study will on application be granted reasonable paid study leave.

Skill Soft Online Training

SkillSoft is a fantastic on-line training package with a huge variety of IT, Sales, Customer Service, HR, management and personal development related topics. At Sharp we encourage employees to register for courses and update their skills online and obtain National Accreditation. Courses range from basic excel to Advanced IT and Networking. Skill soft training is available to all employees and representatives of Sharp.

Legislative Training

Sharp employees are required to undertake annual legislative training in key areas of the law including: Consumer & Competition Act, Anti Money Laundering, Privacy, Equal Employment Opportunity, Workplace Health & Safety, Technology and Trade Promotions.

Internal Promotion

Sharp is committed to the growth and development of its employees. Where-ever possible we will attempt to promote from within, thus allowing our employees the opportunity to widen their areas of expertise and at the same time, use the valuable knowledge and experience they have gained to-date.

Vacant positions are advertised internally on our intranet and employees who feel they have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications are encouraged to apply. This allows us to draw from a pool of talent already existing within the organisation and affords our employees, new and interesting challenges.

Performance Management

Each year, Performance and Development Reviews are conducted for each employee with the main objectives being:

  • To measure the performance of staff against identified goals. To establish what is expected of employees and assess how well these expectations are being met.
  • To determine which staff members have potential to progress to a position of increased responsibility and provide a basis for career development interviews.
  • To identify any area(s) in which training could effectively improve performance and/or provide skills required for additional responsibilities.
  • To create an objective climate for 2-way discussion between employee and supervisor, which will extend into a communication pattern of continuous feedback.