Accounts Payable Automation

Automate your accounts payable function through document digitisation and exception handling: Optimising efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Process data automatically to reduce human error
  • Fast, automated invoice approval process
  • Strengthen security and streamline audit process
  • Eliminate risk misfiling or losing paper documents

Business Efficiency Software

Sharp finds the best fit of business software with the simple goal of saving you time and money.

Cost Recovery

Monitor MFD usage automatically, allowing you to recover and allocate print costs.

  • Reduce usage cost and total cost of ownership
  • Eliminate wastage and encourage accountability
  • With pin code / swipe card function, Increase security of confidential documents

Sharp Fax

Simplify your fax infrastructure using cloud based technology to deliver and organise faxes direct to email.

  • Remove expensive dedicated fax lines and devices
  • Send and receive faxes from mobile smart devices
  • Store, organise and retrieve critical information
  • Eliminate junk faxes with the "blacklist" option

Document Management

Automate the organisation and management of your corporate content while reducing costs and errors.

  • Digital archiving increases efficiency and compliance
  • Locate and manage documents from your smart device
  • Automate business through customised workflows

Data Capture

Drive productivity by combining Sharp hardware and intelligent software to digitise your work environment.

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Archive documents electronically to cut costs and time
  • Flexibility to connect to many vertical applications
  • Ensure compliance by eliminating human error

Variable Data Output

Automate the production of personalised communication, generating engagement with clients.

  • Automatically personalise direct marketing campaigns
  • Faster generation and delivery of custom marketing campaigns and print runs
  • Trigger better response rates from tailored outbound communication
  • Maximise ROI via repeat orders and promotion

Business Mobilisation

Print, scan and share documents with your mobile device and award winning Sharp document hardware.

  • Hassle free printing and scanning
  • Collaborate with sharp hardware and IOS devices
  • Connect with Sharp using wireless LAN technology
  • Free to download and functions without a driver

Data Security Kits

Proven protection for confidential data, device access and network safeguards.

  • Protect sensitive documents through encryption
  • Comprehensive granular audit trail
  • Segregated fax line from network connection
  • Intelligent network interface controlling accessibility

MFD Fleet Management

Save time and spend wisely by making the most of our managed service offerings.

  • Streamline processes to increase efficiency
  • Leverage centralised data to implement initiatives
  • Asses and monitor industry leading data collection tools
  • Scalable solution to meet individual requirements

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