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Beyond Full HD Experience

Introducing the latest AQUOS Quattron Pro technology, exclusively from Sharp, with 10 million more subpixels than standard Full HD TVs for more detail, depth, and colour. Quattron Pro TVs are future ready. They are able to play 4K contents and the upscaler makes all your HD content sharper and more vivid.  

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Miss Nothing,
Experience Everything
with Quattron Pro Technology

Sharp’s proprietary Quattron Pro technology divides each subpixel in two, resulting in 16 million subpixels on the TV – an astounding 10 million more than Full HD – to give you more detail, depth, and colour.

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200Hz Panel with Aquomotion 800

Stunning picture quality

Sharp 200Hz panel refresh rates and AquoMotion 800 backlight scanning technology multiply the effective refresh rate to hit you with all the power that fast-moving games, sports and movies can deliver.

Quattron Pro Drive

Quattron Pro TVs are future ready. This innovative Quattron Pro drive enables the TVs to play 4K content through HDMI and also upscale the content you are watching to become sharper and more vivid.

4K Ready

It is future proof. The LE960X series is the latest Full High Definition TV from Sharp that plays 4K content through HDMI.
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4K Ready

Built-in Upscaler

Naturally, not all the contents you watch will be on high resolution. This Sharp’s unique Quattron pro drive includes Sharp’s upscaler technology to ensure that you are always watching the best possible images, whatever the content, whatever the source.
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Built-in Upscaler

Smart TV

Perfectly easy for your convenience

Sharp LE960X series has smart TV functionality. The menus on the system have been designed to provide easy access to popular online services such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter and web browsing

More Connectivity For Entertainment

Built-in wifi, Miracast and MHL

Enjoy media and games from your comtpatible smartphone or tablet on the TV’s large screen by using either wireless or wired connectivity
Miracast is supported on Android version 4.2 and above. Microsoft support Miracast on Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 devices. Please check the Google Android or Microsoft website to see whether your device supports Miracast.
Built-in wifi, Miracast and MHL

Built-in Bluetooth

Use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV and listen to high quality audio on the TV speaker
Built-in Bluetooth

Built-in SD Card

Videos, Musics and Photos on an SD card can be easily viewed on the TV’s large screen just by inserting the card into the dedicated SD card slot 
Built-in SD Card

Whole New Level of
3D Experience

Sharp’s Active 3D technology offers an intensely immersive experience by making every scene comes alive.
Viewers can enjoy an unprecedented degree of 3D realism by watching through Sharp “Active Shutter Glasses” 

THX Certification

Professionally certified picture quality to ensure the highest standard of picture quality.

THX certified Sharp TVs passed over 200 rigorous tests within three major categories: motion processing, colour accuracy and panel performance.

To the discerning consumer, a THX certification is an assurance that the television truly is a cinema experience.

Powerful Audio System

Incorporating Audio Engine by Yamaha technology, the powerful 35W audio with built-in subwoofer will definitely make all your scenes sound great.
AudioEngine is a trademark of YAMAHA Corporation

Faster Processing,
Better Multi-tasking

Equipped with Quad core processor chipset, this enable the TV to perform faster and better during multi-tasking operation.

Exceptional Quality

Panel made in Japan

With more than 40 years expertise since the development of a Sharp product incorporating an LCD screen, the LCD panel has become the premier display unit in a variety of devices that are indispensable to people’s lives now.

Located at Kameyama and Sakai in Japan, Sharp is the world’s first facility to use eight-generation glass substrates and tenth-generation glass substrates in manufacturing its LCD panel.

A range of Quattron Pros

AQUOS Quattron Pro TVs are big, and so are your choices. Sharp offers a wide range of large-screen TVs from 60". So no matter where you are placing your TV—or what you love to watch—you'll find a viewing experience perfect for you.

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