Sharp Microwave Oven

Sharp microwave ovens make it easy to prepare healthy meals quickly with food that looks and tastes great.

We are firmly committed to meeting Australia’s cooking preferences. All menus, food groups and recipes for Sharp microwave ovens are developed and tested with the Australian consumer in mind. The experts in the Test Kitchen have carefully compiled menus to suit local tastes and ingredients for popular foods.

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Which oven best suits your lifestyle?

Building on over fifty years of experience, Sharp brings you a diverse range of microwave ovens.

  • Compact Microwave Ovens
  • Midsize Microwave Ovens
  • Large Microwave Ovens
  • Grill Microwave Ovens
  • Convection Microwave Ovens
  • Steam Ovens
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Sharp Microwaves can do a lot more than you think

194-(1).jpgSharp microwaves have so much potential to do more than just reheat your leftovers and defrost meat for dinner. There are endless recipes you can create to impress your friends and family and save you time in the kitchen. To get you started, our very own Sharp Test Kitchen has developed a range of recipes to cater for any occasion, including dinner ideas, baking and dishes for those festive occasions. The recipes are suitable for Sharp’s extensive range of microwave, convection and steam models. We invite you to explore our recipes today!

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Technology in the Kitchen

Sharp has met the demands of Australians who want more versatility and ease when cooking in the kitchen. The great and useful technology in selected Sharp microwave oven models have been developed with the Australian consumer in mind. 

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