Smart Technology

Cooking is easy with Sharp. 

Sometimes cooking with a microwave can be tricky. With this in mind Sharp have perfected these Smart Technologies for your convenience.

Smart Inverter

It can be difficult to defrost meat and reheat perfectly. With Sharp’s Smart Inverter you can feel confident it getting perfect results, every time.

Thanks to the controlled continuous flow of true power level, it enables the food to be defrosted and reheated perfectly as the heat is distributed evenly throughout the entire process. At the same time, it also enables the meal to be cooked or reheated faster.

Smart Humidity Sensor

Eliminate the guess work of your cooking and reheating times.

When using the Smart Sensor Auto menus, the Smart Sensor will monitor the amount of moisture that rises from the food which will automatically calculate and determine the cooking or reheating times and power levels to produce perfect results.

Smart Weight Sensor

The unique Smart Built-In Weight Scale offers benefits similar to a kitchen scale enabling you to conveniently weigh ingredients and frozen foods to determine cook and defrost times when using the Smart Auto Menus.

For even further convenience you can weigh your ingredients in two ways; inside or on top of the Microwave.

Smart Convection

Who said you can't cook a perfect roast in a Convection Microwave?

The fan-forced convection heat is circulated evenly to cook mouth watering food to perfection. Providing more versatility in the kitchen you can bake a cake or cook a roast with the convenience of the high and low rack cooking options.