Compact Microwave Ovens

When it comes to saving space in your kitchen, you don't want to crowd your bench with large and bulky appliances. However, if you don't want to miss out on all of the convenience and simplicity of microwave defrosting, cooking and reheating, why not consider Sharp's Compact sized microwave ovens. These stylish little microwaves easily fit into your kitchen whilst not taking up a lot of bench space. 

Model shown- R240YS

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Midsize Microwave Ovens

The midsize range of microwave ovens are wonderful for everyday use. They are a great size for singles, couples and families alike and the additional features on selected models such as the Inverter and Sensor technology make preparing meals so quick and easy. These microwaves come in a range of different styles and finishes which are suitable for any kitchen. 

Model shown- R395YS

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Large Microwave Ovens

The large capacity of this microwave is so convenient in a number of different ways. The larger sized microwave is the perfect size for families as it allows for more internal space when defrosting, cooking or reheating your favourite meals and snacks. The size of the turntable inside the larger microwave gives you more space for larger plates, bowls and platters when cooking. 

Model shown- R995DST

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Convection Microwave Ovens

Whether you want to bake a cake or cook a roast, this additional cooking feature provides more versatility in the kitchen and allows you to cook a variety of delicious meals all in the one microwave appliance. Cooking is easy and the preheat function is great to warm your oven before cooking your dishes. The dry convection heat is circulated around the oven cavity to help cook food evenly and leave you with food which is wonderfully brown and crisp. 

Model shown- R890NS

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