A breath of Fresh Air for Australian Homes

Published: 19 Mar 2013

Sharp’s new Air Purifiers: a breath of fresh air for Australian homes

Forget seasonal sniffles, red noses and catchy colds. Breathe easy all year round with Sharp’s new range of Air Purifiers designed to clean the air of pollen, dust and odour, and humidify the room.

Sharp’s new KCA50JW and KCA60JW Air Purifiers combine humidifying technology with Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster Ion technology, proven to deactivate and break down harmful airborne substances, including viruses spread by aerosol particles.

Standing less than 65cm high, the Air Purifiers are proof good things come in small packages. The compact units can effectively clean a space the size of a one bedroom apartment. Sharp’s KCA50JW has purifying area coverage up to 38m2 and the KCA60JW purifies up to 48m2. Also whisper quiet, the Air Purifiers are designed to look stylish and complement any interior.

Equipped with clever technology, the new units employ a four sensor system which detects odour, dust, temperature and humidity and automatically adjusts the speed of the fan, then indicates when the air is clean of odour and dust.

Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp Corporation of Australia, said, “Dust and pollen allergies, the common cold and other airborne germs are a concern for many households, especially those with kids.

“Sharp’s new Air Purifiers help to create clean air conditions by eliminating irritants and preventing the cycle of germs spreading through the family,” he said.

The units have five modes of operation: clean air and humidify; clean air; clean ion shower; fan; and Plasmacluster Ion to suit any air condition. The fan can also be used at three speeds (low, med, max) or in auto or pollen mode.

Complete with all the bells and whistles, users can also choose lights control, child lock, sound indicator setting, and adjust the sensor detection sensitivity.

The Air Purifiers offer no-fuss maintenance, with washable deodorizing, efficient and long lasting Antimicrobial HEPA filters, making them simple to operate and clean. "The Air Purifiers come with 10 years filter life, so the whole family can rest easy with the comfort of clean air for many years to come,” Beard said.

Both models operate using energy saving inverter technology. On the lowest setting (clean air), the KCA50JW and KCA60JW Air Purifiers use just 4.3 and 5.3 watts of power respectively, delivering optimum air conditions, without significantly increasing energy costs.

The KCA50JW measures 603(h) x 399(w) x 273(d)mm and the KCA60JW measures 643(h) x 416(w) x 295(d)mm.

The Sharp KCA50JW (RRP $719.00) and KCA60JW (RRP $819.00) are available from all selected retailers. For further product information and full specifications visit www.sharp.net.au or call 1300 135 530.