Go Big with sharp's Gargantuan new LCD Monitor

Published: 08 Apr 2013

Sharp has taken 'eye grabbing' to a whole new level with the release of the new PN-R903 90-inch Professional LCD monitor, the largest commercial LCD Monitor available in Australia*. With multiple image enhancing technologies and the option to mount the screen in portrait or landscape, the new monitor provides the perfect platform for highly engaging installations.

Ideal for 24-hour use, the PN-R903 boasts a monitor large enough to exhibit-realistic life-size images - making this colossus screen a great addition to a range of indoor and semi-indoor environments such as retail stores, airports, hospitality venues, educational institutes, and conference rooms.

The first model in the new PN-R range, the monitor employs Sharp's proprietary UV2A technology and local dimming, which improve response speed and viewing angels, delivering exceptionally deep blacks and bright vivid colours. The monitor also includes a powerful light output of 700 cd/m2, which enables the picture to be perfectly visible even under the brightest lighting.

Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp Corporation of Australia, said "Despite its size, the new PN-R903 is lightweight, slimmer and more efficient than existing LCD displays.

The commercial market has called for display technologies that can keep up with 24/7 demand. This new LCD screen does just that, while keeping weight, power consumption and depth of displays in mind to make them easier to install and more efficient to run," Beard said.

The PN-R903 measures 1,197(H) x 2,055(W) x 122(D) mm without the stand, weighs in at 75kg, and only consumes a maximum of 660W in power.

Supporting DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI (x2) and VGA, the LCD Monitor is also equipped with built in speakers (10W + 10W) and can be connected to a variety of existing equipment, allowing businesses to easily display images, presentations or movies.

The Sharp PN-R903 professional LCD MOnitor, RRP $36,995, is available at specialist AV integrators. For further product information and full specifications visit www.sharp.net.au or call 1300 135 530.

*As at April 2013