Living in Sharp Life Project

Published: 28 Mar 2013

Living in Sharp Life Project – An Integrated Brand Communication throughout Asia Pacific and Middle East

Sharp Corporation has launched its integrated regional online project “Living in Sharp Life” on January 1st as well as the “Sharp Share” campaign on its website on March 1st, 2013.

Celebrating Sharp’s 100th anniversary, the Anniversary Share campaign was held last year in Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, where people posted personal photos and videos of their anniversaries online.

Living in Sharp Life is a regional project following the Anniversary Share. The campaign features 13 Sharp Ambassadors who are celebrities and popular bloggers from different countries that are personally using Sharp products. They will share their daily life with Sharp products beyond the borders of culture and lifestyle in movie, personal blog and also social network site.

Sharp Share is a campaign where people can post their photos with the Sharp products used in their life. The winner of the best photo will receive Sharp products worth up to 3,000 US dollars.

Sharp celebrated its 100th anniversary on 15th September 2012. We promise to deliver products which will brighten the life of customers for the next 100 years.

Living in Sharp Life website: