Outsourcing Eliminated with Sharp's Flagship MFDs

Published: 18 Nov 2013

Stylishly designed for powerful performance, Sharp’s latest additions to its impressive Multi-Function Device (MFD) range is packed full of productivity enhancing features. Equipped to suit high-volume demand copy rooms found in medium to large offices, Sharp’s new flagship models are printing powerhouses that effectively deliver quality on demand.

The new units, the MX-6500N and MX-7500N, make it possible to increase business efficiencies and reduce overall costs by eliminating the need to outsource printing projects. The edge-to-edge printing feature found in both models ensures a professional result, with the ability to produce full-bleed A4-size booklets up to 80 pages in length. The Trimming Module technology trims the lead and trail edges of a saddle-stitched document, resulting in a beautifully consistent finish.

The high-speed Colour Light Production MFD’s also support a range of innovative technologies to meet the rigorous demands of day-to-day high-volume printing and copying. The ultra-versatile units offer powerful performance – printing at an impressive speed of 75/65 cpm/ppm for A4 paper and 42/38 cpm/ppm for A3 paper. The 9-way automatic paper feed can be expanded to hold an enormous 13,500 sheets of paper.

To boost information sharing and distribution, processed job data can be saved in designated folders on the device. The MFD’s built-in 1TB hard disk boasts 5GB of standard memory, allowing users to store frequently used template documents on the printer itself. The MFD’s can also store PostScript print data, ensuring consistent results every time a selected file is reprinted.

Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp Corporation of Australia said the opportunities are endless with the array of finishing options available on the new heavy-duty MFDs. “Both devices’ ability to accommodate for a wide range of sizes, weights and types of paper gives users the flexibility to fulfill diverse printing needs. Produce full-bleed booklets, foldable brochures, panoramic pictures and large display-window ads, all from the one, powerful device,” Beard said.

With a colour gamut almost identical to that of offset printers, it is no surprise the Sharp MX-6500N and MX-7500N produces breathtaking image quality. Detailed illustrations and small text become crisp and clear due to the device’s 8-bit image processing delivering 1,200 x 1,200 dpi prints. Realistic colours, lines and shapes are replicated using Mycrostoner-HG3 (High Grade) technology which expands the colour reproduction area.

“The new units also employ a technique typically found on offset printers called dot screening. This means, both the MX-6500N and MX-7500N can emulate the high-quality printing of commercial offset printers, even when performing on-demand printing,” Beard said.

Partnered with the MX-PE10, an industry-leading EFI Fiery external print server, the Sharp MFD’s become a powerful integrated solution for managing professional in-plant and busy on-demand printing environments. The additional server allows users to schedule and operate print jobs with ease via a 15.4 inch Colour Touchscreen LCD screen, shortens turnaround printing times and offers a centralised control and automated management system.

Sharp’s new MFD’s also ensure downtime is minimised with its limitless operation and Triple Air- Feed System. Guarantee a jam-free operation with the Triple Air-Feed paper handling option; with three precisely directed air flows, users can enjoy uninterrupted paper feeds. Toner cartridges and paper trays can also be replaced mid print job, allowing busy workloads to continue interruption free.

The Sharp MX-6500N, RRP TBC, measuring 982 x 768 x 1,520mm and MX-7500N, RRP TBC, also measuring 982 x 768 x 1,520mm will be launched at Sharp’s National Dealer Conference at Leura in the Blue Mountains, NSW, November 18th & 19th, 2013. The products will subsequently we available from Sharp authorised Dealerships and Sharp Direct Branches in December, 2013. For further product information and full specifications visit www.sharp.net.au or call 1300 135 530. For high resolution images visit www.newsboost.com/newsroom/sharp-sharp.