Sharp Corporation of Australia announces a breakthrough in capacitive touch-panel technology.

Create new collaborative experiences with the 80 inch Sharp BIG PAD PN-80TC3 capacitive touch screen LCD monitor. Simultaneously connect up to 50 mobile devices for the ultimate way to share information in the boardroom or classroom.

Publish date: 16 Sep 2015

Sharp brings a touch of class this spring with the premium 581 litre SJXP580G Glass Door Refrigerator

Sharp Corporation of Australia is excited to announce the SJXP580G glass door top mount refrigerator, the latest in its line of stylish kitchen appliances. The new range uses Sharp J-Tech Inverter, the latest innovation in compressor technology, and has an external control panel with a covert LED display to access advanced features including the ‘Extra Cool’ and ‘Express Freezing’ modes.

Publish date: 24 Aug 2015