Sharp Announces New Line of Next-Generation Colour MFDs

Published: 30 May 2016

SYDNEY, Australia – 30th May, 2016 -Sharp Corporation of Australia has announced a new series of next-generation colour MFDs designed to increase office workflow efficiency with state-of-the-art technologies and a new EASY UI mode making it simpler to use. Offered in two distinct model types, the Advanced Colour Model and the Business Colour Model, the range is now available in Australia following an earlier launch in Japan, North America, and Europe.

“Simply better business” is a core message for Sharp’s next-generation colour MFDs. These new machines contribute to business growth by providing customers with solutions to simplify their workflow processes thereby resulting in better business performance. With a number of high-end features for the modern office, the range delivers high environmental performance, robust security, and stable image quality while also supporting third-party solutions.

The range has a slew of innovative and time-saving features which can
increase productivity and deliver a higher quality finished product. In addition, it delivers important security and management tools including remote access for off-site maintenance.
Advanced Colour Model: MX-4070N/3570N/3070N, MX-3560N/3060NOffering speeds of 40 ppm, 35 ppm, or 30 ppm, Advanced Colour Models are loaded with easy-to-use, innovative features to help businesses manage their workflow more efficiently. Built on a platform of the latest Sharp technology, this model family also offers many productivity enhancements. Examples include high-speed scanning of up to 200 originals per minute (on the MX-4070N/3570N/3070N) and a walk-up motion sensor that readies the machine for operation instantly.

Advanced Colour Models enable users to easily set up and execute their workflow tasks. These models are equipped with Sharp’s next-generation touchscreen display, which provides an intuitive graphical interface with large, simple icons for operations such as Easy Copy and Easy Scan. The MFDs leverage the latest version of Sharp OSA® technology for easy integration with network applications and cloud services, as well as advanced capabilities to help businesses better manage their workflow. They also come equipped with Sharp’s multi-layered security features, which help to protect the customer’s intellectual property and personal information from the first day of operation to the time of trade-in.

Business Colour Model: MX-3050N
Built on the same engine platform as the Advanced Colour Model, the Business Colour Model is designed for cost-conscious customers, offering full multifunction capability at a strong value. These models offer out-of-the-box copying, network printing, and network scanning at speeds of 30 ppm. This new family of colour MFDs has been designed to help businesses streamline their office workflow while providing an intuitive user experience, flexible integration, and enhanced productivity.

By offering both the Advanced Colour Model and the Business Colour Model product lines, Sharp offers businesses greater flexibility in balancing their needs within budget requirements.

The new colour MFDs have a quick warm up time of under 10 seconds and feature a motion sensor which can detect approaching users to quickly wake the machine from sleep mode. Copy and scan jobs can even be started while the machine is warming to save those precious seconds. The new 10.1 inch colour touchscreen can be tilted to various angles for better access and uses simple icons as part of the new intuitive easy user interface. The layout can be customised for each user and it even features a print preview screen to check document finishes and edit pages easily. The range also has an advanced OCR engine for scanning documents into an editable format (advanced model only) and can be linked to public cloud services (options required) such as Google Drive, OneDrive® for Business, and SharePoint® Online. The MFDs also support various mobile printing services, such as Google Cloud Print, the Android printing framework and Mopria.

The highly efficient 150-sheet DSPF (duplex single pass feeder) on the selected Advanced Colour Models simultaneously scans both pages of two-sided documents with a scanning speed of up to 100 originals per minute (opm) (one-sided) or 200 opm* (two-sided). Meanwhile, the Business Colour Model’s 100-sheet RSPF (reversing single pass feeder) feeds in either one- or two-sided originals with a scanning speed of up to 80 opm* (one-sided). The multi-crop function creates separate files for multiple different-sized documents, such as receipts and bills that are scanned simultaneously and the range can also handle a variety of paper types in sizes up to SRA3, in weights up to 300 g/m2 and up to 1,300 mm length. The range is also compatible with three optional finishers to suit a variety of workplaces and applications. A Stapleless Stapler is included with two options: the space-efficient Finisher, and the 3K Saddle Stitch Finisher.

Sharp’s proprietary Auto Colour Mode analyses page content to distinguish between colour or black and white originals, and different components such as photos and text. Using background suppression, it can also automatically remove unnecessary background colour. The Developer Refresh System prevents developer deterioration and ensures stable print quality over the long term by discharging old developer little by little and continuously replacing it with new developer,. In addition, Auto Process Control works as a periodic colour calibration system to maintain consistently high image quality during large-volume print jobs.

Other functionality includes a print release function which lets users send documents to a central MFD, Easy Printing/Scanning with USB Drives, Microsoft® Office Direct Printing from Cloud services, mobile devices, USB or Server and Sharpdesk Mobile print/scan application connects the MFD to mobile devices via wireless LAN.

A system administrator can deftly manage multiple Sharp MFDs by using Sharp’s efficiency-boosting device-management tools which allow adjustment of system setup, user access, and security settings while also facilitating troubleshooting and maintenance—all from a single location. The new range also supports the Active Directory® service*, which allows users to use the machine’s log-on credentials for internal network folders. Sharp’s powerful data security solutions protect user’s business assets and give them peace of mind with multiple levels of security functions covering a broad range of network and data security needs.

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