Sharp builds on over 50 years of innovation with its latest range of microwave ovens designed for ultimate convenience

Published: 19 May 2016

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 19 May, 2016 – Sharp Corporation of Australia is thrilled to reveal its latest range of Microwave ovens and announce availability in the Australian market. The range has three models including the R995DST large Convection microwave oven and the R34DM which is an attractive microwave with advanced features and a unique mirrored façade (available in black R34DMBK or white R34DMW). Offering an alternative to using a standard oven, each model comes with a slew of innovations designed for convenience in the kitchen. 

“Sharp invented the carousel microwave oven in 1962 and for over 50 years we have been on the forefront of innovation, dedicated to delivering stylish, sophisticated and easy-to-use technology for the kitchen,” said Halim Saliman, National Marketing Manager at Sharp Corporation of Australia. “Our latest Convection microwave has Inverter technology for even and controlled cooking and our Sensor technology eliminates the guesswork in cooking times by measuring the humidity inside the microwave.  We even have a Built-in Weight Scale in our R34DM microwave to help calculate precise defrosting  times.”

The R995DST Convection microwave uses both Inverter technology and Sensor technology.  Convection microwaves are versatile enough for the whole family to enjoy. They work by circulating hot air throughout the cavity which can be used to bake, allowing it to brown and crisp food. The temperature range for this latest Sharp Convection oven is 40°C to 250°C. The unit also comes with a Quartz Grill and 1000W microwave with 6 power levels for added convenience. The Mix Cooking functions meld the benefits of each heating technology with Mix Convection / microwave and Mix Grill / microwave. The oven can also be programmed for up to 4 automatic cooking sequences, switching from one power level setting to another automatically for when dishes need multiple power levels.

The Inverter technology used in the R995DST ensures the controlled delivery of power during the cooking process to help reduce uneven cooking and eliminate unwanted hotspots. In a microwave without Inverter technology different power levels are achieved by switching the magnetron on and off during the cooking cycle.  To achieve 50% power, the magnetron would still work at 100% power but would fluctuate on and off.  In an Inverter microwave, at 50% power a 1000W model would deliver only 500W for the entire cooking duration which leads to more even cooking and a better end result.

The R995DST also has the added advantage of Sensor technology to make cooking simple and intuitive. Humidity sensors inside the microwave monitor the amount of moisture rising from the food to determine optimal cooking or reheating times. 

This unit also has 21 Auto Menus which, at the press of a button, eliminates the hassle of trying to find that perfect cooking time on a range of popular foods.  These Auto Menus, as well as all food charts and recipes for all Sharp microwave ovens, are developed and tested in Australia. With the Australian consumers in mind, the experts in Sharp’s very own test kitchen have carefully compiled menus to suit local tastes with local produce and popular foods.  During cooking, the more or less time button will add or remove minutes to add the freedom of further customisation and personal preference.

In addition to these great features, the R995DST also has Weight Defrost and Convection Preheat as well as Delay Start and Child Lock.  It has a Stainless Steel interior, a 362mm turntable and comes with high/low racks and two baking trays.

The R34DM is a new microwave in two colour variants (Black - R34DMBK and White - R34DMW) which both sport a 315mm glass turntable.  What sets this microwave apart from other microwaves on the market is not only the striking and stylish mirrored finish, but also the great feature of a Built-in Weight Scale. These two models are 1000W with 5 power levels and 8 Auto Cook menus.  The Auto Cook menus include Rice, Pasta, Fresh Vegetables, Beverage, Dinner Plate, Casserole, Melt / Soften and Breakfast Menu.

Sharp’s Built-in Weight Scale measures the weight of your food and automatically calculates the defrost time when using the Auto Defrost menu function.  The Scale is a handy kitchen feature which can be used as a normal Scale for measuring food with a weight range of 100g to 6kg. It is quick and simple to easily weigh a variety of foods before manually cooking, reheating and Auto Defrosting.  The Auto Defrost menus include Mince/Sausages, Steak/Chops, Poultry and Roast Meat. Never again will meat be accidently cooked when attempting to defrost thanks to the weight scale integration in the R34DMBK/W.

For Sharp, the kitchen is not only a place to prepare meals but also an opportunity to express a personal sense of style.  Similar to the attractive premium Glass Door Fridge range, the R34DMBK/W exudes elegance and sophistication with its mirrored finish design.  The entire front of the unit including the door and touch panel fits brilliantly with modern kitchen aesthetics and the blue LCD display is distinctive and eye catching.

In addition to the Auto Defrost function, these units also have Time Defrost and other features such as an Auto 30 second button, Timer, Child Lock and Memory Key with three memory spaces.