Sharp delivers stylish convenience and superior functionality with its latest range of power efficient French Door Refrigerators.

Published: 24 Mar 2016

A winning combination of a smart compartment layout and a 36-step J-Tech Inverter, can deliver real savings for families on power bills.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 22nd February 2016 – Today, Sharp Corporation of Australia announces its most advanced, versatile and stylish French Door refrigerators to date. The new SJXE624FSL and SJXE676FSL represent Sharp’s commitment to continually improving its refrigeration technology with a strong focus on attractive aesthetics, convenience and superior functionality. The new range has been designed with versatility in mind with each compartment carefully positioned to help reduce overall yearly power consumption.

In bringing these new models to market, Sharp has carefully considered the best layout of the different compartments in the SJXE624FSL and SJXE676FSL to help reduce ‘open-door’ time. The faster you can access what you need, the less cold air escapes meaning you need less power to bring the temperature back to an ideal state. It seems like a small thing but it can have a great impact on power bills.