Accounts Receivable Automation

Empower Your AR Team & Reduce Past-Dues

When it comes collecting cash that’s tied up with customers, efficiency can make all the difference. That’s where Sharp comes in. By automating what can be automated in the AR process, your team is free to focus on the activities that really matter to the business — customer relationship building and getting paid faster.

Invoice & Customer Management

All customer and post-sales information (e.g., invoices, disputes, collections notes) is centralised and instantly accessible from anyone in collections

Automated Collections

Whether it’s to organise all collections tasks and alerts or to send collections documents or key reports, Esker handles it according to your pre-defined rules

Performance Monitoring

There’s no efficiency without visibility! KPIs are available at the touch of a button so you can analyse collections performance and make adjustments

Credit Risk Management

Ensure risky customers stay under control through a secured on-boarding and credit approval process that alerts management if potential risk occurs.