Sharp Corporation of Australia assists organisations in integrating your Multifunction Devices to your business processes.

Once your documents have been scanned our solutions can process through all of the necessary steps in your workflow, they will need to be stored in a convenient location where everyone in your organisation who needs access can easily find them. Our solutions make this easy. Migration is included as the last step in your document workflow, so once your documents are ready to be filed, Sharp’s solutions will automatically route them to your document management system of choice. Whether you want to send your information to a standardised network folder structure or automatically create a Microsoft SharePoint Document Library, we have a migration for you. Our solutions currently supports more than 80+ Document Management or Enterprise Content Management systems.

Educational Institutions, Schools and Colleges

Print management that’s perfect for any institution from the smallest schools to the largest multi-campus universities, join thousands around the world saving money by tracking and controlling their printing. Integrate with Payment Gateways, Payment Collection Kiosks or Credit Cards to simplify your cash collection process. Value add to your existing Follow-Me-Print system or set up a brand new application with Sharp.

Legal and Professional Services Organisations

Printing costs in law firms are often managed by a practice management system such as Leap Legal and Salesforce. These systems can be automated so that costs are transferred directly to the relevant client. The list of client accounts (client matter) is automatically used to generate the shared accounts charging list in our solution

Accounting Firms

It’s popular in business to automate the process of copying printing costs into accounting systems. This allows businesses to bill for printing costs by account, department, faculties, clients, and projects. It transfers the accountability of printing costs from IT to the individuals responsible for printing.

Co-working Space

Printing is an essential service that is usually provided by co-working offices. Because the service is shared, it’s important that it is fairly billed back to clients. The printing costs can be calculated on a monthly basis and automatically put into the billing software used by the co-working space. There are a number of co-working space software platforms that can be integrated with all our products.


Protect patient records with 100% confidence.

With your patients’ confidentiality second only to their well-being, protecting sensitive information is critical.

Make printing easy

We’ve got truckloads to offer, from industry-leading third-party integrations with EMR systems, to easy queue management with Print Deploy. Our new Epic App Orchard integration, Mobility Print, and features like Print Deploy, are all made to make printing easier for you. Our solutions are simple to install and use – no matter your size, your printers, or the devices and operating systems your users bring to the table.

Assist with compliance

Our Solutions uses leading security features to comply with major regulatory bodies like HIPAA.