With Sharp Print Management Solutions, you can give users the ability to select the client they want to charge to when they are at the MFD. This gives users the choice to print from their computer using the Client tool, or from their personal device without needing to install the client tool.

Users may allocate printing expenses to Shared Accounts automatically with either the Client Tool on their PC, or at the MFD. In professional organizations Shared Accounts represent:

  • Clients or accounts
  • Project or phase
  • Client/matter
  • Department or cost center

The workflow is as follows:

  1. Administrators manage the list of accounts
  2. End-users allocate printing to the accounts
  3. Reports are automatically available, allowing costs to be charged back to the client (invoiced)

Our Print Management Solution integrates with variety of industry leading Practice Management Solutions like Leap Cloud, LexisNexis Affinity, Practice Evolve and many more.